1. Time Line

From the recording Peaks and Valleys


Well I aint no Prada queen, iv got rips in my socks,

I wear inexpensive jeans, iv got holes in my ears,

Kokanee is my beer, I don’t smoke, cause I cant stand cigarettes.

And my life works simply,

I like jumping off of rocks, rope swings especially,

IV got long blonde hair and I’m not one to care about anything.

Well I sing in bars, I like flashy cars,

IV been told IV got an attitude.

And if you don't know my now you better figure out,

how im allowed to fake number you.

So boy tell me something different, while im listening,

cause you've got limited time to think of a new plan of action.

Well I know you know I’m a little bit out of style.

I should have been born 40 years before,

I’m just a fuck up in the time line.

Well I don't know, but I know what I’m not,

and this is what I am,

and you aint about to change me even if you think you can.

Do you think you can?

Well this life aint perfect, iv been working on a purpose,

because religion, superstition is just to hard to envision,

I believe in rhythm, peace love and freedom,

educated decisions, simplicity, tenacity and the person sitting next to me,

yea, that's all that I need yea it all that I believe yea yea.

---Instrumental part...

I’m sick of immature boys, I’m getting pretty annoyed,

every towns the same damn town, no Mr. Rights around,

I'm’ sick of this bitching, but there's just to slim of picking,

to make a conscious decision, speak these words that IV written.

Cause he's been hiding, and I'm stuck here trying to find him but I’m lost,

if I had a nickel every time I wish I could re wind,

this love life of mine, you'd rob me blind.

So tell me something different cause I’m listen,

and you've got, limited time to think of a new plan of action.