1. Broken House

From the recording The Road


I'm Sitting and I'm waiting on a new kind of living,

people shooting up schools are we ever going to get it.

we've got pistols in our pockets screaming eye for an eye.

Were never going to see cause where already blind...

I don't think I'm alone, and there's good out there I know,

but we just need some changes and I don't mean re arranging.

We need it to stop,

are you listening now,

picking up the pieces to a broken house.

Can take a toll and we should know.

We've done it before and we'll do it ounce more.

Oh it's much harder to hate, like pull a trigger to escape,

from what we've done or what we do

it's on the 5 o'clock news and it could have been you.

Shooting missals and torpedoes through the water or the sky,

we keep a safe distance so we can't hear them cry.

The super power of the earth is just a school yard bully in a white collar shit.

It hurts but we know its true,

and then we claim that there's nothing we can do.

But then we vote for an idiot, and say its ok,

because we don't want to think about tomorrow anyway.

So who's to blame, I think where al to blame....

We need it to stop are you listening now,

picking up the pieces of a broken house can take a tole,

and we should know, we've done it before and we'll do it ounce more,

its much harder to hate, than love and communicate. I think we can


So why don't we take a break from hating,

the clock is ticking and the world is waiting,

we just don't have time to waste.

Because we keep fighting and the world is dying,

people crying, can we learn from our mistakes of it's much harder to hate.

Why do we choose to discriminate

and you break it down and where all the same.

Two eyes ten toes and a functional brain. I think we can change...