1. Driven

From the recording The Road


Well are you driven?

Have you unwrapped your gift?

Have you realized your purpose?

Your reason to live?

Cause I think I found my rhythm,

And Iv sighted my star,

oh and my fingers on the trigger, no excuses.

And no target too far.

Well here it goes,

Got to line it up,

Oh yea I got to line it up,

and take control.

Well we all got ourselves something,

We hav all got something to give,

But some people try and hide it,

Try to hide what’s within them,

Well Iv got this feeling in me,

Cant fight it much longer

for freedom can be fought it just has to let be.

Well I don’t know about you but,

Iv got to let it shine through,

yea im coming through.

Well I feel it in my fingers and I feel it in my bones,

And iv got to get this feeling outside of my room alone,

Cause I’m hungry for the moment and I’m starving for the day,

Where I no longer sit and practice I just stand up and play.

Are you hearing me play,

Stand up or watch yourself fade away.

Harp Solo.

I sometimes lack to needed focus,

But I make it up with my game.

And when I feel like im choking,

I think back to the day,

When I hade that big hole and

I couldn’t fill up the space.

Wasn’t till 2004 I found my release.

Warmed up my cold feet.

Found out what means to be the real me.

Yea now im driven.

I think iv unwrapped my gift.

Yes iv realized my purpose.

This is my reason to live.