1. Fast Idle

From the recording The Road


Can we dig a little deeper?

Cause were constantly going with what where told.

Can we think a little clearer?

Knowing that the men at the top are being bough and sold.

With your dollar, its getting smaller.

So George and the boys can walk a little bit taller.

They don’t want you to know…..where your money goes.

But we’ve got a bigger problem.

Bigger than the boys with there toys and there military fascism.

No its not murder ,or even rape.

Out of all the felonies together its our worst mistake.

And everybody knows.

Where on a suicidal planet stuck on fast idle.

Never going to slow down despite the facts that we’ve found.

My grandchild better prepare for summer year round.

And every body knows, I hope that every body knows.

Did you know that polar bears are drowning?

And our geese don’t feel the need to fly away, cause they feel It rising.

Forgot about the tropical storms, well there about to be born.

From the east to the west, the south, and up in the north.

Dylan said it best when he told us to swim,

or you’ll sink like I stone cause were about to jump in.

And everybody knows.

Where on a suicidal planet stuck on fast idle.

Oh look what we’ve begun and all the damage we’ve done.

Were all in this together so let act as one.

And everybody knows, I hope that everybody knows.

Harp Solo.

We burn we take we use.

We keep pissing away our fossil fuels,

Cause we live and then we learn.

Were left beside this musical chair its now our turn.

And I hope that everybody knows.

Were on a planet that is stuck on self destruct mode.

Its now that we begin the only war we’ve got to win,

Cause pro-crasta is a nation that we all reside in …