1. The Road

From the recording The Road


Well iv picked up the confidence and made a big decision.

Had to take a chance at leaving behind these walls an easy breathing.

oh the world can hide anymore from me, cause I think iv had a glimpse at

some thing that others have failed to see, and I know..

That the road will decide where I go, I cant hide from it.

Babe I cant hide from nothing no way.

So follow me cause I think if I find my rainbow ill stay.

Twenty years old feeling bold and boy I like it.

But I got to get lost along the way.

No more games no more playing cause this is life now.

Fifteen years it been swinging for the fence and turning left.

Iv made a big decision, well iv made this big transition,

Oh cause music’s my ambition now.

And the road will decide where I go.

I cant deny it, no cause I cant live for nothing no way.

So follow me cause I know I got to get that rainbow someday.

Twenty years young and in love, yea im alive.

And I got plenty of time to decide…


Sun is setting slowly sinking along the shore.

Brain storming without warning,

Now I realize my hand belongs in yours.

I'm sorry, had to go had to get away to find myself.

Cause these are days where I define myself.

second decade still don’t know what to do.

And ill im sure of is, this road runs along side you.

And the road will decide where I go.

This is my time cause I didn’t come this far for nothing no way.

Got to put these visions to decesions.

Iv had my time to think about my music,

Do I use it do I let it pass by.

Oh no I think iv got to try.