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The New album is out!!

Hey folks! So here it is, the Official Music Video for NorthStar Burning.. I've delayed the release of this video because I wanted to see if it would get accepted into the CBC Searchlight 2022 contest. And it did! Wohoo! I found out yesterday, so in the next couple weeks I will be asking for your help to get this song into the top 100 across Canada.. I will be playing the "please vote for me" card for my first time (VOTING OPENS MAY 19th 

We are on somewhat of a roll with the whole voting game, Kimberley won the Mackenzie Top Peak Contest for our Ski team, bringing in $50,000 for our kids’ ski racing team! And we just won best small town in BC thanks to the votes coming in from locals and tourists. So small town voting works folks! I’m hoping, we can keep this winning streak going! (and not annoy anyone in the process lol) I have big plans to give back to my two community’s if I make it further along in this contest. I can’t wait to share those plans. 

I wrote this song out of frustration, anger and heartache for what happened to our Ski hill this season. Kimberley Alpine Resort was very resilient and tried to stay as positive as possible this season with their social media approach. I however didn't beat around the bush with this song and just wanted to convey some raw emotion on how the arson made me feel. So once voting opens for the CBC Searchlight contest, I hope you vote for this song. You will not only be voting for me you'll be voting for Kimberley BC. 

It is also my very first Spotify release for my Album, so please help me out by adding it to one of your playlists and adding me as an artist to your library. Ok enough "narcissistic musician pleading" for one day. 

Thanks to Lukas Nemeth Films 

Tony Hiebert for the Mix/Master 

and Kimberley Alpine Resort for making this video a reality. 




North Star burning

Little Sadie's reckoning 

Departed son 

Ghost town 

I will wait 

Dirty money 

Resting place 

For old time sake

One light town 

Smokey mountain blues 

Mountain home 


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